exactly that

On the package of chorizo that The Guy picked up to put in the enchiladas:  Pork[salivary glands, lymph nodes, fat, tongue and cheeks]…


OK, I will indulge in a movie theatre hot dog on occasion.  I went to school in a town w/ an Eckrich plant, so I am well aware of the shit they put in those things, but I don’t have to read it.  I am just fine not knowing exactly what parts they are putting in there.  

At least SPAM uses better stuff.  

I guess all I can say is that the plant that packs the chorizo is a hell of a lot more honest than anything I have read in the US.


That is all, I return you to other non-random intertubing.


Comments on: "Things That Make Me Want to be a Vegetarian Again" (1)

  1. Yeah but with spam you get the mystery white stuff on top of the mystery meat…scary…just a little.

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