exactly that

What You Googled

to find me says a lot about you.  I get a list of Google searches daily.  Usually, combined w/ my hit tracker I can figure out who the weird ones are coming from…some are too amusing to pass up.


@ “audee, filing for divorce” —  It would probably be more productive for you to just call her.  Obviously you know her, and are concerned about her life for some reason.  Instead of lurking around to try to get information about her, try the direct approach.


@ “black babble butt fuck” —  I am not sure what you were looking for.  I am guessing you didn’t find it here.  


These are not even the best ones (but sadly, I just decided to post them).  Keep ’em coming folks!


Comments on: "What You Googled" (4)

  1. Auntie Audree said:

    The funny thing is, almost no one calls me audee (or audie) anymore. You do, B does rarely & Weeb does on occasion. Oh, & the Ex. That’s it. Hmmmmm……… Isn’t cyber stalking a crime in most states???

  2. I still call u Audee…just like I add the ‘a’ to the end of OD’s name. Guess I’m just old school.

    btw, OD, Dr. Horrible is friggin’ awesome. I’ve ripped my itunes copies into mp3’s so I can have ’em on my shuffle… I’m addicted!

  3. OMFG. I rarely get those anymore, ever since I changed my blogging name to “J.Goff”. LOL.

  4. pizzadiavola said:

    Oh, looking at the search strings that land people at my blog is occasionally funny and occasionally infuriating. Sometimes it’s people searching for info about racism or misogyny (yay!) and sometimes it’s people who are clearly looking for rape porn (I want to reach through the internet and shake these people).

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