exactly that

Thinking of the Kid edition.


A little song for that Sweet Child O Mine.



This song now has a three generation span as a favorite in my family.  My dad loved it b/c it reminded him of me.  I love it b/c it reminds me how much he loved me, and when I had the Kid it reminded me of her (and IIRC Auderelli is a fan of it too), and now it is one of her favorite songs.

In fact, her kindergarten teacher had to share a story w/ me.  Some of the high school kids were starting a band and wanted to have auditions during lunch.  The were all so sweet b/c they didn’t want to hurt the younger kids’ feelings, so they had school wide open auditions.  A bunch of the kindergarten kids lined up to audition, including the Kid.  She was going to sing this song for them and was practicing it in the line, complete w/ her air guitar performance.  I guess it was one of the cutest things anyone had seen, even the high school kids enjoyed it…right up until it was her turn to audition, and she developed horrible stage fright, took a bow and ran away.  She went straight over to a few of her friends and performed for them instead.  Her teacher tells me that “doo, doo sweet child o miiii yee iiii yeee iine” was one of the cutest moments in recorded history (ok, I may have exaggerated that last part a wee bit).

So, this one’s for her.  Love ya, Kid!


Oh, and someone please tell me why it is that I used to think Axl was soooo dreamy?


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