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It is no secret that I love love love Katherine Heigl!  Despite the crap writing we saw this last season (hey, itunes, I would still like my money back, BTW) on Grey’s “Izzy” is my favorite character, and she has totally made all of the movies in which I have seen her (and I have it on good authority I still need to watch Roswell).  Her quirky funny sense of humor comes out in all of her roles, and I do believe she is drop dead gorgeous (but felt her too obvious for my Meme yesterday).

It should come as no surprise that I also adore her for her outspoken personality.  I love that she is a woman in Hollywood who isn’t afraid to speak out when she finds something fucked up.  Most recently she received a lot of shit from the blogoverse about her decision to not submit herself for an Emmy due the fact that she felt (and rightly so, if anyone was not in a coma during the season) she did not any episode worthy of a submission.  There were even websites devoted to killing off Izzy (which will receive no link and no traffic from this Moderatrix!).

It is beyond refreshing to see a successful actress not just suck up anything she finds messed up w/ Hollywood just b/c she should “be grateful for what she gets”.  There is a long history, as Women & Hollywood points out, of women getting a ton of shit for their opinions when it seems that they don’t mesh w/ what the “good little girl” should be saying, what w/ all of her gratitude for the privilege of being handed a job.

What is it about beautiful, opinionated women that makes all of Hollywood (especially the media) want to scream? I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, it’s not like berating women for speaking up is a new practice. If memory serves me correctly, both Jane Fonda and Barbra Streisand got handed a very large can of whooping ass for expressing their personal and political opinions. In Hollywood, you can be a do good political persona ala Angelina Jolie, but having an opinion that might call Hollywood on the carpet, that’s a no no.

The lesson that the media is trying to send us is that the appropriate punishment for being a woman w/ an opinion is that you deserve to die, even if only figuratively.  FSM forbid that you should find something sexist or less than Emmy worthy and actually say something about it.  Anyone watching network last season knows that a lot of actors were w/o “good material”.  There was a writers’ strike for fuck’s sake!  As a matter of fact I applaud Heigl more for taking herself out and leaving more space for people whose writers haven’t made drivel of their once kick ass rock the house characters.

Like writer Mark Harris for Entertainment Weekly’s online magazine said, I like her b/c there “seems to be a person in there, one who occasionally says things people can’t stand“.  Good for her, and kudos to Harris, who seems to be an almost lone voice in the entertainment media on this (actually you should read his who article on Heigl, b/c it is witty and worthy).

So, hats off to you, Katherine Heigl, and your “ugly” mouth.  I say if that is what comes from an ugly mouth, than bring on the ugly.  I would rather have honesty from my favorite celebrities than a bunch of canned gratitude.


Now, if we could just get back to that little issue of you and Cosmo.


Other Girl Crushes:  Keira Knightley, Tina Fey, Kate Walsh, Ellen Page.


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