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An Action Item

I have been shamelessly negligent in blogging about the LaVena Johnson story.  I have read about it all over Bloggerdom, most frequently from Philip Barron at Shakesville.  Recently, there was notable coverage from many other significant blogs, including a post by Kate Harding up at BroadsheetFeministing, The Curvature, and What About Our Daughters.  There has been a recent story on Buzz Flash.  The coverage is finally extensive, and I think it is more than due after three years.

19 year old LaVena Johnson is said (by military officials) to have committed suicide in 2005, one day after she excitedly told her family that she was finally coming home from Iraq.  The “facts” in this story just do not add up.  The rumors of her location at the time she was found dead don’t match official stories, the details of her wounds do not make sense.  Either this is the biggest clusterfucktastrophe of an investigation ever or someone is going to a lot of effort to cover up what really happened to PFC Johnson.

There is an online petition circulating w/ a goal of 3,000 signatures.  I urge you to take two minutes to sign it, to help her family find the truth and to help bring her justice.


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  1. It took me a long time to blog about this but it was because I found it so incredibly painful. Finally a regular reader asked me to blog and I knew I had to just woman up and do it. Even as cried I still felt no relief for the grief that is in my heart about what happened to her.

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