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From Some Watery Tart I have a Meme of the sort that I don’t normally do, but since I do Ear Candy, I suppose the occasional Eye Candy isn’t uncalled for.  This is actually a combination of that meme and a convo I was having w/ Reader K8 in comments earlier RE the “list” from Friends.  So, judge me if you want to, but I felt inclined to answer that all important question of what “famous people would you want listed in the contract that your significant other had to forgive you if, you know, you just happened to meet them and you just happened to hit it off and they just happened to express interest in some hot, shallow monkey sex?”.  FTR, I don’t think anyone on this list could make me as happy as The Guy does (insert obligatory *awwwww* here).  So, w/ that in mind, and no further ado:

(In no real particular order)

David Boreanaz (no surprise here)


He’s got that broody forehead for days, and from what I hear he is into practical jokes.  Plus, he has the whole “500 years of psychic baggage” thing going on.


Jesse Spencer


I don’t know about monkey sex, b/c I don’t think he’s my type, but how I would love to take him to the pub and get him to say “tumor” in that cute Aussie accent for me over and over again.  I know what an Anglophile is, but what does that make me?


And that brings me around to Hugh Laurie.


B/c honestly, if Annie Lennox doesn’t want him I will definitely take him off of her hands.


Jet Li


Do I really have to go into this one?  There are reason’s that Hero is one of my favorite movies.  The cinematography is not the only beautiful thing going on here.


Zach Braff


I love Garden State.  It is a movie I can relate to, and make me fall for Braff in a way that Scrubs never could have.  Written, directed, starring.  Yeah, pretty much.  By those standards I think I could add Drew Barrymore to this list.  Maybe next time.  Braff beats out Mark Wahlberg today b/c I had to watch all of the Italian Job and never once did he take his fucking shirt off.


Clare Kramer


If you don’t know who she is then I can not believe I am calling you a friend.  But I will give you a pass today only.  She happens to be my favorite Big Bad of all time on Buffy.  If anyone cared to ask me I believe that she would make the purrrrfect Catwoman in the current Batman franchise.  I know no one did ask me, but perhaps they should.  Kramer was incredible as Glorificus, doing the dual personality and tipping on the edge so well.


Adam Baldwin (no, not one of those Baldwins)


The man they call Jayne.  Also less famously the man they called the Conduit in the final episodes of Angel.  I have never wanted to be a gun named Vera so much in my life.  ;)


Kate Walsh


B/c this is what a feminist looks like.  Do I need another reason?


Daniel Henney


He could very well be the Seoul reason to watch My Lovely Sam-Soon, even if it wasn’t hilarious on it’s own (sometimes the puns just come to me).


Possibly saving the best for last is My Other Boyfriend, AKA Stephen Colbert.


Defender of freedom and Truthiness for all.  The basis of the Ultimate Feminist Litmus Test (hey, RQ, that link doesn’t work anymore, I am so sad!).


Well there ya go.  Since it was a meme, I am officially tagging you if you read this.  Do it on your blog or page and drop a link in comments.  I am very curious to see how we compare!


Comments on: "A Meme" (13)

  1. dear gawd I wish I understood Korean. He’s very very pretty.

    Mine’s up, btw.

  2. ZOMG he is so very pretty…and FYI he does not really speak Korean either, in fact his character is constantly stumbling through simple things like “nay ge bong in ya?”, which basically means (pardon the bad spelling) “Am I a toy for you to play with/take advantage of?”, and really informal.

  3. […] in all of her roles, and I do believe she is drop dead gorgeous (but felt her too obvious for my Meme […]

  4. I am so glad to know that I am not the only person that thought so highly of Clare Kramer as Glorificus. The best villian of all hands down.

    And spot on with David Boreanaz. Well of course Alexis Denisof and J. August Richards weren’t all that bad either.

  5. Ha! Not they were not! And if I had expanded the list they would have been here too! Though, after seeing “Dr. Horrible” I want to add NPH as my new gay boyfriend. His singing is amazing!

  6. So I guess I’m mow obligated to share my list, as it’s my fault yours is up there eh?

    Chris O’Donnell. Mostly b/c of Three Musketeers (which is just full of beautiful men…) but I also think he’s adorable in Batman & Robin. I’m one of the few who actually enjoy that movie.

    Tim Curry. Mmmm.

    I adore his voice. I keep waiting for the release of The Chosen One in which he voices Lucifer. He’s so good at being bad…

    Gabriel Macht.

    If you haven’t watched American Outlaws I highly recommend it. Not as a historical movie, by far, but as a fun and entertaining boys-w/no-shirts-who-ride-horses movie.

    Jewel Staite. This is one both hubby & I share…she’s just hot. He’s super excited that she’s on SG-1: Atlantis, so I watch to keep him company. :)

    Johnny Depp. To clarify, I have been in love with this man since Don Juan DeMarco, which I saw when I was 12. My mother backs me up on this, as she distinctly remembers me telling her I was going to marry him, and that she “was just going to have to deal” as he was about 14 years older than I at the time. :)

    Drusilla. I mean Juliet Landau, but only if she stays in Drusilla’s persona. *melt*

    Robin Williams. Can’t help it, he’s got a GREAT smile…

    Need I say more than this? *double melt w/cheese*

    Adam Savage. Redheads are hot, and he’s funny to boot.

    And a great big girl crush on Holly Marie Combs.

    Love her on Charmed, love her cameo in Ocean’s Eleven, again with the hot & funny…

  7. Apparently weirdpress didn’t like my comment… so here’s the list w/o any pics & minimal comments… :(

    Johnny Depp (not a fangirl, been in love w/him since Don Juan DeMarco!)
    Chris O’Donnell
    Gabriel Macht (watch American Outlaws; not a fabulous movie, but fun nonetheless)
    Tim Curry (I love love love his voice.)
    Angelina Jolie
    Robin Williams (what an amazing smile)
    Jewel Staite (my hubby and I share this crush… that’d be a 3-way.)
    Juliet Landau (but only in Drusilla’s persona. *melt*)
    Adam Savage (he’s a redhead, and he’s funny to boot!)
    Holly Marie Combs

  8. Oh I LOVE Holly Marie Combs! Good one!
    Ditto on Juliet Landau and Jewel Statie. JL is fabulous as Dru. I love her creepiness, and her accent.
    I adore Tim Curry’s accent, every time he says a word w/ the “ou” sound I giggle a little.

  9. K8, your comment was caught in my spam queue for the links. I don’t know why they didn’t transfer in, but anything w/ lots of links goes directly to spam. I just had to wade in and fish it out.

    Thanks for sharing!

  10. The links were just photobucket pics of the hotnesses, no biggie. Glad the whole post didn’t get eaten–feel free to delete the second one then!

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