exactly that

345 posts of babbling, just shy of 11,000 hits from Readerland, and one trip around the sun.

Not too shabby!


Thanks for being a part of it!

Consider this an open thread, suitable for delurking!

Or check out my posts from one year ago!

Malama Pono!


Comments on: "Happy Blogoversary to Me!" (8)

  1. Congratumalations, w00t, and yippee on one year!

  2. Happy blogoversary!

  3. thank you!

    W/o people to read this I would just be keeping a weird diary.
    Thank-you for being part of my ‘tubes family!

  4. YAH! Happiness in the blog world!


  5. Happy Blogiversary, OYD!!!

    I’m a better person reading here. Thanks for all you do from one random python blogger to another

  7. A very merry blogiversary to you! I toast you with something that rhymes with wodka and toss poppy petals at your feet.

  8. Congrats! *raises glass in a toast*

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