exactly that

Two of the most unique voices in music (IMHO).

I *love* Tina Turner, she just rocked and moved so amazingly.  I used to try to dance like her when I was younger, and while some will tell you I have legs that run all the way up to heaven and past Avalon, I never had Tina Turner’s legs.  And I can barely walk in high heels, let alone move like that!

And Cher…sue me…I love Cher.  I love her voice, and I love most of her music.  I like to belt out Cher while I am driving, and the Kid likes to sing “I Got You, Babe” w/ me in the car.



Comments on: "Ear Candy– All Nostalgia All the Time" (2)

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  2. I think I’m the only straight man in America who loves Cher.

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