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Thursday Blogwhoring

You know this dance.




I would love to see your links this week, Readerland!


And for you lurkers, checking us out at work, reading the author profiles, you may as well out yourselves…we know who you are.  ;)


Drop your links in comments.  

My suggested reading:

Check out the Red Queen, watching so we don’t have to (a service I much appreciated), and also explaining racist framing, another service for the reading comprehension challenged.  She is that damned nice.  Don’t worry, Red, I won’t tell!

Be sure to check out the new online women’s travel magazine, Galavanting!  Awesome mag, awesome title!


Comments on: "Thursday Blogwhoring" (2)

  1. Ohh goodness…I love the picture of that cat!

    Check out my blog to learn the basics of the Ojibwe language and the news stories I posted about Native women.

    Also, check out the story about the Needville Independent School District in Texas saying that 5 year old Adriel Arocha’s long hair violates school rules. Hair is a huge part of the traditions and the spirit of who Native Americans are. Plus they have made his Dad take a DNA test to prove he is Native American! How ridiculous!

  2. dropping my own comment for anyone reading b/c i am too lazy to edit…but have any of you been catching PhysioProf, guest posting at Feministe this week or at his own blog?

    Finally someone who is speaking my own fucking language. I about choked when I saw all the whining about his “tone” and his swearing.

    I think I am going to have to drag out an old post about swearing. I say it again…people have been saying shit nicely for decades and no one listened…when we start dropping f bombs suddenly they heard us.

    I really like his writing, not that he needed my approval…but there it is.

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