exactly that

Many of you will probably one day be a zombie.  This information is for the rest of us.

Forewarned is Forearmed

People will look at you funny when you walk into a room and look for the exits.  You’ll be criticized for getting together with your buddies and discussing what to do in the event of an uprising.  Someone will probably try to arrest you for swinging  your trust titanium crowbar (of doom) *drools on himself* at random things.  They do this because they don’t know… because they can’t understand.  They do this because they will one day be one of the hordes.
The first step in surviving the zombie apocalypse is knowing that it is coming.  Go beyond knowing, and start living like it’s coming.  Read up on how to survive w/o modern technologies, Learn to pick locks, fix cars, ride a bike and the many other things that I’ll introduce you to.  Above all, know that they are coming.  They are waiting out there.  Waiting with that inexhaustible patience that the undead possess.  And as Ford Prefect will tell you, “Always know where your towel is.”

Except your towel is a crowbar.

And you use it to kill zombies.



Comments on: "Zombie Survival Tip Tuesday (from The Guy)" (4)

  1. I have it on good authority that your wife has been virtually infected with zombie- ness (zombie-hood, zombie-itis? What is the proper word?)

  2. i have not!

    blarrrg! braaaaains!

    i mean..no, i haven’t!

  3. Hello out there! Thank-you to whoever “stumbleupon”ed this entry…but who are you? how’d you find us? I have been unsuccessful using it b/c it requires me to have firefox…which i don’t…so if you could kindly let us know!

  4. WWAZB?
    Zombies get a bad rap in my opinion lol

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