exactly that

Has a daily spell that inflicts 3d10+3 damage. I rolled a natural 20. Also, I used enhanced Dark One’s Blessing first, cursing my opponent, adding another 1d6 damage. I rolled a 6.

If I curse my foe and they die after, I also gain 4 temporary hit points.

I have doubled my HP.

I may be over powered.


PS…the Guy is so not the DM of me! (just my Level One Tiefling Warlock)


Comments on: "My Level One Tiefling Warlock" (6)

  1. i know! right?

  2. My hubby was very amused by this entry!

  3. […] More about my Tiefling Warlock: One, Two. […]

  4. Temporary Hitpoints don’t stack, the highest replace the rest..Each instance is a separate pool and you use the highest available and the rest disappear. Just to let you know.

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