exactly that

A special two-fer today!


which amuses me greatly.



Comments on: "Wednesday Whedon Moment" (8)

  1. Hooray! Wish I could see the second vid. Bastards at you tube seem to have stolen it.

    I am watching firefly at home right now. Completed the whole first disc. Big premiere episode, trainjob and bushwacked. Reevers scare the shit out of me. I may have to watch this show in daytime hours :(

    I can already tell I’m going to be pissed when it ends. How could they cancel this!!?

  2. Tobes- I feel your pain. I suggest Dr. WHo when you run out of Firefly.

    And how awesome is River with the bible fixing?


    (but if you don’t tell anyone I did like the vids-keep it between us OK?)


  4. Dr. Who?? That isn’t some strange Stanley Kubrick thing is it? Like clockwork orange thing? cause that shit frightens me.

    The bible clip is funny and touching because the christian man isn’t mean to her about it — he just tries to explain faith. THen she’s still like– nope, makes no sense and he lets it go. If only more real Christians were like that. I mean, I’m a Christian and I accept that bible does not = any kind of sense :)

  5. You mean Stanley Kubrick, the great American novelist? (inside joke…sorry)

  6. OD- Bwahahahahahahahahahaha I got your Kubrick novel right here baby.

    And Tobes- the new Dr. Who is not at all Clockwork Orangey. I let my kid watch it. It’s not quite as complicated and twisty as a Whedon plot, but it is full of awesome.

  7. Sweet. I looked it up. I was thinking of Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove. Whoopsie daisy. I am getting disc 3 and 4 of firefly in the mail tomorrow. I am so excited/sad because when they are done, the show is done. God damn you Fox. Damn you to hell. That this show is gone and moment of truth and the like are on makes me want to stick olives in people’s noses ;)

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