exactly that

Fruity Oaty Bars.

I don’t want to bust out of my blouse.



Comments on: "Wednesday Whedon Moment" (8)

  1. AH! What was that??? How is that related to Whedon-verse. The mouse becoming a boy will haunt me forever :)

  2. what was that? Really, what was that?

  3. HEY! You’re on Shakesville. You rockstar you!!! It was an awesome post by the way. I’m so glad you wrote it. That application is totally creepy. Would you ever add me on facebook? I have a profile badge on my blog. I hope you add me. I adore you! :)

  4. In the movie Serenity they are in a bar. This is a commercial that is playing on the television in the bar just before all hell breaks loose.

    It is actually an Easter Egg on the DVD as well.

  5. infamousqbert said:

    i feel a sudden need to kick all y’all’s asses!

  6. infamousqbert:


  7. and here i thought I turned you against the wheedon lol

    funny fake commercial

  8. Ahhh ha. I need to watch Serenity again. Now that I think of it– a clip this weird could only come from Joss.

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