exactly that

this one goes out to the Guy, who has managed to earworm me by listening to this song again and again and again.  and again.  and again.


at the risk of dating myself, this is the first song i remember knowing the words to.  i used to sing along w/ it at the top of my lungs.


that, and stevie nicks.  maybe i will post her next time.


Comments on: "ear candy– all nostalgia all the time" (6)

  1. Why are you so full of earworm evil?

    Evil! Really really evil!

  2. b/c misery loves company. :P

  3. i hate you.


    Me and Kari in College.
    Ugh I feel old LOL

    (and dont worry about dating yourself I do it all the time but at least I open the door for myself!)

  5. You lurveeeeeeeeeee me. Admit it.

    But Pido- the real question is- Do you respect yourself in the morning?

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