exactly that

i want everyone out there who enjoys Wednesday Whedon Moments to know how much i really love you all.  i just spent an embarrassing amount of time wading through craptastic amounts of ridiculous fanvids on YouTube to find you something to amuse yourselves w/ this week.


go try to find a not set to music clip from BtVS.  i dare you.

so here are fourteen seconds of my undying devotion to all of you in Readerland.

and, it made me :lol:


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Moments: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight.


Comments on: "Wednesday Whedon Moment" (7)

  1. ok I’ll give you buffy but you’ll never convert me to firefly! :)
    hope your week is going well

  2. aww…but i think you would like it if you didn’t have a grudge. :lol:

  3. the grudge another MG film nice ref

  4. I know what you mean about finding true clips and not buffy set to evanescence or some damn thing.

    I love this episode where by the end, Buffy’s just had it and is like “you freaks don’t have the power… I DO.”

    I FREAKING LOVE BUFFY!!! Thank you for Whedon clips.

  5. oh it was horrible! and the wanktastic fanvids w/ all the cuts of sex scenes, mixing buffy w/ whatever ever other horribly wanktastic sex scenes from other shows…i spent three hours in a ball on the floor twitching…

    but seriously,

    i almost picked that clip from the end where the woman in the glass is all “i don’t want the sword thrown at me but…”. i like the “you treat me like crap b/c i have the power” stuff. right the fuck on.

  6. Pido – Please be informed that Buffy is the paramount example of quality television programming, and that all subsequent television programs will pale in comparison to the preeminent form of entertainment known as Buffy.

    That is all.

    PS – If 20 years from now the cast of Buffy gets together and does one of those crappy reunion shows, it will still be the second greatest show in the history of television.


  7. I’m here to whine off topic cause if I do it at my place the stalker wins.

    OMG_ he’s a freaking MRA nut!. He’s bitching about women being gold digging whores teaching their daughter fantasies while sleeping with dead beats.

    I want to stab his eyes out so he can no longer see to type.

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