exactly that




TWO HOUR season finale!!!


will Derek and Mer finally save a patient?

is Christina gonna snap out of whatever funk she has been written into?

are they ever going to be fair to Izzy?  (writers!  wake up!)

what is going on w/ Ava/Rebecca?

oy w/ the poodles already i can hardly stand it!


oh, yeah…and when do i say good bye to Rose?


Comments on: "ZOMG!" (9)

  1. And, goodbye Rose…

  2. By the way, it’s almost like you wrote the script for that episode. All your questions answered…

  3. crap i knew i shouldn’t have read this! stupid time difference. everyone in the world gets to see it b/f me.

    but i don’t mind (plus i read Spoiler Fix because i am so lame!

    BTW, don’t get me wrong…Rose is so nice…but damn it all she is in the way of my squishy happy feel good story line i so desperately crave!!!

    more on this when i actually watch it.

  4. ‘Twas a great episode. Especially the part where … nah, I’ll not say. ;)

  5. Bob, do you really watch Grey’s or are you just messing w/ me?

    either way, you are great company.

  6. dude…Bailey just gained infinite points of coolness and a spot on my girl crush list w/ her layers and layers of Star Wars references.

    i just got a little Star Wars chubby.

    “the Kessel run in 12 parsecs”

    rock on.

  7. OD, I am a fan of Grey’s. I thought the episode was excellent. And, Bailey telling the whole Han Solo bit was one of my favorite parts. Nice to see her getting the “big picture”.

    And Lexy is sooooo in love with George.

  8. yay!

    and can i just say that the minute Alex set that knife down i knew what was going to happen…yikes!

    i started blubbing when Bailey gave Izzy the keys to the clinic. that should have happened a while ago.

    i am kind of relieved that Callie finally stopped questioning her feelings for Erica.

    and yes, i think Lexi has been in love w/ George for a while…but i don’t know if even she knew it.

    and Meredith is right, she is extraordinary!

  9. nice try, douche bag (you know who you are).

    you won’t get through my mod queue.

    that is all the attention you will get from me.

    consider yourself banned.

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