exactly that


Comments on: "Wednesday Whedon Moment" (6)

  1. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, Daily dose of Whedon… I feel better.

    ….do the astronauts have weapons?


  2. i need to find the other clips from this epi where they make reference to this. everyone gets in on it.

    on a serious note, i like that Angel was using a very progressive argument, it’s tough to catch unless you have watched this about a nonillion times like i have.

    overall, hilarious.

    “do the astronauts have weapons?”



  3. I may have to start a weekly Dark Angel posting to counter your Whedon!


  4. I did love Angel and David Boreanis is a small part of the reason why I lurveeeeeeeeeeeeee Bones (but really I want to grow up to be Bones)

    I think I’ve been involved in long, pointless arguments about things like astronauts and cavemen before. (Actually Soopermouse and I are in the middle of a long running argument about the fall of the roman empire. I say that it never really went away because the Roman Catholic church still holds so much power. She says I am totally ignoring the middle ages. Anyone else wanna get in on this, anyone? )

  5. Damn it I love Spike.

  6. I figured you did. :lol:

    i noticed that your profile pic is of Juliet Landau/Druscilla. i am not as unobservant as i think i am.

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