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I Was There

last year i randomly babbled a piece about feminism from the perspective of a single mother for an anthology for Liquid Words Publishing.  it was so exciting.  Adele from LW contacted me through a comment i had left at Feministing (i can only imagine which one) and asked me to write this piece.  i toiled over it and was so nervous.  i was new to blogging, and Random Babble had double digit posts and five readers, two of them related to me.  it was accepted in the final cut, and we were all excitedly awaiting the book release.

sadly, despite Adele’s best efforts the publication didn’t go through.  i, and a few others i am sure, were disappointed about this.  hopefully this project is only on temporary hold.

if it does finally go i plan to write something new.  i have changed a lot since i wrote that piece.  it is still very relevant to me and my life, and yet it isn’t.  it is still a real part of who i am, but if the piece goes through i would like to write something from my current perspective.


however, we were given permission to submit to other outlets, and i submitted to Think Girl.  it is up there now, on the “I Was There” blog.  i hope you go there and check it out.  i literally poured my soul into it.  it is the very first thing i had ever written solely for the purpose of having other feminists read it.  it is the first time anyone had ever asked me to write anything, and though it didn’t go through, it was to be my first paying gig.

if you head over to Think Girl send me some commenty love.  i thrive on positive reinforcement.  and coffee.  obviously.


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  1. I left you a comment over there but I just had to say that, that post was so beautifully written. I got totally lost in it even though my two year old was screaming. Thanks for writing that. It touched me on many levels.

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