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Grey’s Anatomy (still not to be confused w/ Gray’s Anatomy, or Gray’s Anatomy which are not the same thing) open thread.


i NEED resolution, dammit!



Comments on: "ZOMG!" (7)

  1. Don’t we all! :)

  2. I think it’s MPD: she’s both Rebecca and Ava…

    And they’re totally trying to redeem themselves from Isaiah Washington: between the gay military boys kiss & the lesbian kiss we all knew was coming, they’re almost there!!

  3. actually, the guy that plays O’Malley is gay.

    i thought that washington was under heat for being homophobic and hateful to him.

  4. i just now got around to watching it.


    i have some things to say about Sandra Oh’s character, and the treatment of her this season. but i am going to wait.

    the thing about Mer’s mom made my jaw drop a little.

    oy w/ the poodles already.

  5. I am SO not happy with how Christina is being treated. Maybe I’m a bit oversensitive because of how the campaign season is treating a real-life scary smart, capable woman, and besides we all know Christina is a human being, so why does she have to be brought so low? I suppose the writers know what they’re doing, but right now it’s just pissing me off.

    Did I miss something about Mer’s mom? You mean the thing about the “love of her life?” The chief was the LOHL. I don’t think they meant someone else. Am I wrong?

  6. no, i knew about the chief being the LOHL…it was the part about Ellis trying to kill herself over it. i was shocked…she didn’t seem like the type…

    but it did seem that she was a bit unreasonable when it came to him.

    i am irritated b/c Christina is an amazing surgeon…the fact that she is mostly emotionally detached suits her character type well…but i don’t know what their purpose is in making her hit such a low.

    she was right…she performed Burke’s surgeries. she saved his career. she went out of character and stood by his side. he was her mentor, and when he went on and won that award he took all the credit as if he had done it all himself.

    i don’t like that she is coming off as a kiss ass w/ no shame right now. that she seems desperate for approval.

    there are so many things about her character this season that makes me want to scream at the writers!.

    i feel the same about Izzy. they sunk her to a low…hit after hit. she gets brilliant moments (when she worked w/ Addison for so long), but then they just throw her through the ringer, and she seems to have lost all comraderie w/ Mer and Christiana.

    I like the idea of George working as the Chief’s right hand.

  7. I am starting to think the writers strike did something to their brains. Agree with you about Izzy. And what they are doing to Christina borders on criminal. I am hoping the slight, slight glimmer we saw at the end of the episode with Lexie was the spark of a resurgence. I want Christina back.

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