exactly that

Monday Monty Python

i swear to you this is what it is like ordering in a few of the restaurants around here.


you wouldn’t think it goes w/ so many things.

have a SPAMtastic week!
but hopefully it’s free from the crappy computer spam.

(or, in Bob’s case, nasty Trojans!)


Comments on: "Monday Monty Python" (4)

  1. At Spamalot in NYC they sold a limited edition “Golden Can Of Spam” (yes of course I bought one lol

  2. hey! they sell those in the stores here!

    there’s no shelf life on SPAM ya know. ;)

  3. I take issue with this little clip. Spam is not a laughing matter. In Caribbean countries it is considered a legitimate source of meat. Many are so poor that those cans of spam are all that they can afford. They learned to make unique dishes from spam out of necessity. My Grandmother had 14 children and often a can of spam had to be divided between the family as a source of protein. Spam can still be found in many restaurants in Hawaii for exactly the same reason.

  4. that is true. when Hawai’i was under martial law they turned to SPAM. you can find it literally in every restaurant in some form. even McDonald’s has a “SPAM eggs and rice” breakfast platter.

    we ate SPAM back on the rez when i was a kid too. probably for the same reason.

    thank-you for pointing out that detail though.

    honestly i was not aware that some places did rely on it still.

    i don’t want to take it down, b/c i think it’s important to show the things that we do w/o thinking of them. rather, i appreciate discussing it more.

    thank-you again, Renee.

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