exactly that

my best friend in the universe and another friend of ours drove two hours from Ypsilanti, MI, to Coldwater, MI to walk me up and down the halls of the maternity ward all.  night.  long.  the evil nurses on shift wanted me to stay in bed, insisting that i was not really in labor and that there was no way i was going to give birth any time soon, but walking kept things moving for me.  we kept getting up and walking, and getting yelled at by the nurses for being off of my monitor, but after two other early labor scares, there was no chance in the nine hells that i was going home w/o a baby in my arms.  period.

so, even though tomorrow is the Kid’s sixth birthday (wow!), this post is for Audee and Jason, and a little bit my mom too, for walking w/ me, being w/ me, and being there, holding my hand and sharing the greatest day of my life.  you didn’t have to give up all the sleep and comfort to be there, but you did (which is more than i can say for SOME people).  you were there when i was scared and needed the support, and to take pictures while i was shooting a human out of my va jay jay.

and Audee, the bond we formed over these six years is something that will never be broken.  you have been the greatest friend to me and godmother to the Kid ever.  who woulda thunk?  ;)

and lastly, here’s to the Kid, who saved my life, and changed it for the better forever.  you, and that perfectly round head (ouch!) are something that i will never regret, no matter how many people think they can control us and hurt us.  i love you, Kid.


Comments on: "six years ago, right this minute" (7)

  1. Beautiful :)

  2. Happy Birthday, little one.

    You are blessed!!

  3. Auntie Audree said:

    I would do it all over again in a heartbeat w/o a second thought. Thanks for letting me be there with you through all of it. It’s one of the greatest memories of my entire life.

    I love you & the Kid so much & I can’t imagine my life w/o you 2 in it. Thanks for being the best friend that anyone could ever, ever ask for! (And also, for the best birthday present EVER!!!!)

  4. What a special moment it was. Would never have left you to do it alone–that’s what brothers are for right? Happy Birthday Jada!

  5. happy birthday to you and the kid!
    I’m from Michigan as well (Paw Paw) maybe thats why we get along so well!

  6. thank-you, all of you!

    what wonderful friends i have!

    this is what families are made of!

    and ZOMG, pido, i actually know where Paw Paw is!

  7. your lazy ass blog friend still has a box of french goodies for you and the b-day girl sitting in my living room.

    Kiss the kid, pinch her cute little cheeks, and teach her to kick ass from me.

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