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AIDS walk 2008

just taking a moment again to mention that i am participating in this year’s AIDS walk in Honolulu.


if you are interested in information about the event, or would be interested in sponsoring me, my personal site for the event is here.


if not, please just think happy thoughts for my legs and body in general on 20 April!  i will be walking w/ some kick ass people that i used to work w/, including my former boss, who is going to be 28 weeks pregnant for it, and will amuse me w/ her waddling!


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  2. Rock on! I will definitely be sending happy thoughts your way. I briefly considered doing the AIDS Walk in SF this year, and then realized that my body would not be able to handle it. :(

  3. yeah, i am hoping that i am not hating life the next day. i have had a few people express this concern, but i have been feeling better more often lately. keep your fingers crossed!

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