exactly that

and also, *swoon*

the reason i love love love Joss Whedon is b/c of his love of strong women.  not just in his writing and television, but in his life also.  Whedon is a self proclaimed feminist, vigilant against misogyny.  his own mother, Lee Sterns, was a strong and kick ass woman, who raised him to respect the strength in women.  she also helped create “Equality Now”.

my favorite part of his speech here is towards the end (you will have to suffer a little, even as he is clever and witty, he is a horribly awkward public speaker, something you would know if you have ever watched the commentary on any of his DVDs) is when he answers the question “why do you write such strong women characters”.  he says (paraphrasing here) “why are you even asking me that question?  you should be asking 100 other guys why they aren’t!”

that, and when he says misogyny is a part of every culture, but not part of the human condition, that is throwing life out of balance. 



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  1. Oops, I read this as “Wil Wheaton”. :S

  2. I love this video of Joss Whedon. You know what really amazes me is SMG who played Buffy, arguably Whedon’s best known “feminist” icon considers feminists “icky women who don’t shave.”

    You’d think 7 seasons of working with Whedon would help her?

  3. i know! SMGPJ or whatever has been a thorn in my feminist side, despite the fact that i loved her as Buffy. i just have no reply to that situation…

    it shows in her other roles, she is getting more helpless, though i haven’t yet seen “Southland Tales”.

    but Whedon never fails to deliver. ever. and i got both goose bumps and tears listening to him talk, despite the fact that he is, in fact, one of the most awkward public speakers i can think of (except maybe dubya), but he makes amazing points. i am never disappointed when he opens his mouth.

  4. I always thought Willow was hotter anyway. I dig smart chicks.

    Not that I notice those things, I’m just sayin’.

  5. yes but Josh Whedon created Firefly which got Dark Angel knocked of the air and I wil never forgive him for that. Never

  6. well, pido, no one is perfect!

    not even my lord and savior Joss!

    close, tho.

  7. Love this! I’ve posted this at my site. Do you think it will help with all of the fellows that comment any time I post a feminist piece that I am not attacking all men? Prolly not.

  8. i wish, carissa!

    i wish more of them could see that feminism is for the good of men too, that the “bullshit men stereotypes” are products of the same hurtful patriarchy.

    all hail joss!

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