exactly that

studies show* that watching even just thirty seconds of something created by my lord and savior, Joss Whedon, a week lessens the anxiety and stress levels in most adult humans.

so, i bring you, wednesday Whedon moments. 

random factoid:  “Numfar” is actually a cameo by Joss himself. 


Comments on: "a wednesday Whedon moment" (4)

  1. Oh my god… I love Numfar’s dance of joy. This makes me want to go home and watch all my Angel DVDs immediately! I am re-watching all my Buffy’s right now and am up to Season 4. God damn Joss Whedon is amazing.

  2. i am always looking for an excuse to watch all of angel from beginning to game over.

    even that middle, what was that, four, where the arc got all jacked b/c Charisma Carpenter was preggers and they had to do something w/ Conner? not my favorite story arc ever, (Cordy and Conner? ewwwwwww), but i still love it.

    and when i am a little down, i put in “Once More, With Feeling”, or “Smile Time”, and that usually does it for me.

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