exactly that

i have used up all of my spoons today.  time for ear candy.

tell me i am not the only one who ever used to jump up and yell “you go, bee girl!”


i loved the bee girl.

hell…i felt like i was the bee girl for a good part of my life.




Comments on: "ear candy- all nostalgia all the time" (9)

  1. Hey wasn’t the lead singer of blind melon axl rose’s little brother?

  2. i have never heard that b/f!

    i must consult the Wiki gods…

    *throws poppy petals*

    no, Shannon Hoon was the brother of a girl who went to high school w/ Axl. Axl then invited Hoon to the studio where they were recording UYI I and UYI II, and Hoon sang back up on The Garden and Don’t Cry.

    Hoon was also in the video for Don’t Cry

    hrmmm…i learn something new everyday.

    (i can’t back that up)

  3. Wonder- for shame! You lose indie pop credit. I (part-time insufferable music snob that I am) did not need the wiki gods for that.

    Now who is gonna pour some tea for 2?

  4. I love the bee girl! I felt like I was her too all my life. Such a great song!

  5. me too!

    and i am *so* glad you stopped by! we should chat sometime. i am VERY interested in things affecting tribal women. i have so much respect for your site!

    randombabble at mac dot com

  6. Awesome song. Always been one of my favorites!

  7. Auntie Audree said:

    good call B! this totally fits my mood today… there was much talking & sharing last night & now i feel so much better….there were robins in my back yard this morning!!!

  8. there were robins in my back yard this morning!!!

    yay spring!

  9. Red, did I ever even HAVE indie pop credit?

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