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thursday blogwhoring

i don’t know why i picked thursday for blog round-ups.  i know that i don’t think i have seen anyone else to it on thursdays.  

so be it.

lots of good discussion going on around the blogosphere today.  here are some of the things i have been reading this week…

drop your “proud of” moments or good reads in the comments.

the Queen’s away, the kids will play.  chang’e on swearing.  and Wonder on the differences b/t WJC and HRC (here’s a hint, one was a president, one is currently running for president). 

of course, there is My Gayest Looks.  so big it is it’s own thing now.  

guest blogger, and fellow Shaker, Em, writes a great piece on women’s sports.   

my best friend is finally standing up and telling everyone that she is “done”, “fucking done”.

and i don’t need to tell you how proud i am to read that.

Tobes gives us two pieces that really deserve reading, on women’s safety, and on the politics of sexual assault.  if you think that women are equal after all, you really need to think again.


if you out there have anything else, i would love to see it.  my way of giving back for the kindness of all the blogwhoring, blogrolls, and links to my posts. 




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