exactly that

no, my roommate doesn’t give that kind of massage, you sick fuck.

she will not “help you out” if you get an erection during the massage.

the fact that she is giving you a massage does not, in any way, give you the right to put your fucking hands on her.  at.  all.

that is assault, FYI, and she assures me you have been notated as not allowed to receive services at that school any longer.

if you really need to get off that badly i suggest you find a nice quiet bathroom and get personal w/ someone who is willing to have sex w/ you.



ouyang dan 


Comments on: "dear ass hats who get massages," (9)

  1. ugh. creeps.

  2. I bet, being a masseuse, your roommate has strong hands.

    Which she could use to break those fucking douchehammers. and their erections Because, seriously.

  3. Seriously! I know, right!

    And thanks for coming back!

    I went to your blog, and while I don’t really agree w/ all your points, they are thought provoking…

    but, seriously, I can’t condone the violence…even against douches and ass hats.

  4. I noticed! And I appreciated it. And like I noted there, I like when people don’t fully agree. Respectful discussion is the best.

    And seriously, I don’t condone violence, or anything (which I guess makes joking about it questionable).

  5. I don’t think it counts as violence in this situation- it’s self defense.

    Just remember when hurting boy bits in self defense- you grab the sack and pull up and out hard and fast. ;)

  6. that made me cringe a little, RQ. so good to have you back in the land of crappy food.

  7. Someday I’ll tell you the story of the crank yanker and how CJ and I became fast friends, then you will know that I know what I’m talking about with the bit pulling.

    And I don’t cook crappy food. But i do already miss really good really cheap wine. And the Metro.

  8. i sensed that you have a fondness of the metro?

  9. Damn.

    Just Damn.

    I’m speechless.

    There are some seriously fucked up people out there.

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