exactly that

happy equinox!

thanks, Audee!  i almost forgot it was today!

i particularly love the Vernal Equinox, or Eostara, or Ostara, or Easter, whatever you want to call it.  i might not be the best wicca, i have trouble practicing alone w/o support on my own, but i try to teach the Kid and observe all the Sabbats. 



there is a joy that floods me this time of year, after i have blasted through bouts of spring cleaning…there is a great need to purge for me.  it is a great time for me to expel negativity from my life.  i love to see things in bloom, and watch the bright green of new grass shoots.  here in Hawai’i we don’t have that really, or snow, and it is funny that our winter is usually greener than our summer, b/c that is the rainy season.  but this time of year is when my favorite flowers, the plumeria trees, bloom and scent the air.  i know not long from now we will be abundant w/ beautiful flowers everywhere.

for a while i used to love listening to the Rite of Spring by Stravinsky, and sometimes i like to watch the Fantasia segment using the Pastoral Symphony (i also really like the Firebird Suite in Fantasia 2000, for the same reasons).

there are a great many stories about this time of year, many versions depending on where you are from.  i enjoy most of them.  i ran across a great one about the Goddess Eostara helping a young girl rescue a bird, and not able to fix it’s frozen wings, turned it into a bunny, who remains confused, laying eggs, to this day.   there is another version, probably more traditional, that i can’t find, where the bird is her pet and she turns it into a bunny.

my favorite story is probably my favorite b/c i love the idea that spring is an awakening and a celebration.  it is a time to wake up from the great sleep of winter, and moreover, a season to celebrate rebirth and, and a mother getting her child back.  my favorite spring story is that of Persephone and Demeter.  no matter how you heard the story, i love the mourning period that the world goes through in the winter while Persephone is away in the underworld, tricked by Hades into eating three pomegranate seeds.  i love the thought of Demeter awaking w/ joy at her daughter’s homecoming, and that the world can wake up and rejoice w/ her.

whatever your favorite story, or however you choose to celebrate the spring season, my the Gods and Goddesses this season bless you w/ abundance and fertility (there is one little Eostara tradition that i am hoping to partake of tonight), in all aspects of your life.  i hope that this time of year brings you new joys and happiness.

Blessings to all!

Ouyang Dan 


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  1. Thank you, Happy Spring Equinox to you too. It was nice here yesterday, but today is a whole other story. We have a winter storm warning, and it’s snowing like crazy. Doesn’t look like spring yet. :(

  2. Auntie Audree said:

    It may have snowed 6″ last night, but it’s totally Spring in my heart! Something about the Equinox brings me such a sense of peace. I feel like I’ve turned a corner. I’m not “okay” by any stretch of the imagination, but I now know that I WILL BE someday.

    Happy Ostara!!!!

  3. you too! both of you!

    it is definitely spring here!

    c’mon over, and we will all hit the beach!

  4. […] Another reason I like Mabon is that the Welsh God is often portrayed as the male equivalent of Persephone, whose tale I enjoy. […]

  5. […] As I have mentioned before, I love the Spring Equinox for many reasons, including the fact that it gives me peace and energy all at the same time.  No matter what is going on in our lives I always feel like Spring is a big of a new beginning.  It is definitely an awakening. […]

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