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what she said

i have not done a good blogwhoring post lately…and seem to have missed Thursday Blogwhoring for a while…

but the Red Queen has some great political discussion going on over at her place…and she seems to be able to put things in to words that i just can’t seem to (which would be obvious if you were privy to my queue full of drafts that i have not published…some of them i just can’t get right) 

so give it a glance or more…and i will try to get a few of my posts readable (but i make no promises, as i have been tired and sore a lot these days)

plus, the Davids™ made me watch Dune… 


Comments on: "what she said" (13)

  1. You just now saw Dune? Whaddarya? SLow?

    The books are better (natch) but particularly the last few in the series. They are all about powerful women.

    And thanks for whoring me out. I love it when you pimp my stuff :)

  2. yeah…but i used to play the Sega Genesis video game…


    and David sat around telling everyone about how the book series ended…

    and the guy that plays Paul(?) is now Orson Hodge on Desperate Housewives…how freaky!

  3. Hey! Thanks a ton. Your comment made my day. It means a TON that you added me to the blogroll. Super honored. I enjoy yours as well. Thanks for commenting also. I appreciate it!

  4. Yep Kyle McLachlan, hot as young paul atredis and in twin peeks, creepy on Desperate Housewives and Sex in the City.

    And sting, young, hot and bad bad bad.

  5. yep…actually this past season he stopped being so creepy…

    i did not know he was on SitC…interesting…

    and Sting…ahhh Sting…

    he’s so cool, he named himself a verb, present tense!

  6. He was Charlotte’s first hubby, the one who couldn’t get it up.
    And wore kilts.
    And had an evil mother named Bunny. Dear gawd I have watched that show way too much. I blame insomnia.

  7. oh dear FSM that was him? i didn’t remember who that was! wow!

    i did not watch enough of the US version…but i remember the husband she never slept w/

    i remember bunny…as crazy as the animal for which she was named…

    i don’t remember…did she scream?


  8. Leave Ruby out of this missy!

    Oh we might need a Ruby post soon.

  9. no no no…the bunny scream, silly.

    need i remind you of the bunny scream?

    but yes, we need a ruby story…

  10. A reciprocal OT comment:

    The Phyre is usually posted by 7:00PM Eastern time, and the participants show up anywhere from then to 9 or 10 (Eastern again).

    I hope you can make it by while the rest of us (whomever shows up) are there, but, if not, you know where the creek is. ;)

  11. OH yeah, the bunny scream. And fake bunny pregnancies.

    But Ruby came from that story and the weird dream i had, remember.

  12. i am all about the blogwhoring!

    thanx, phybob! i am gonna try!

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