exactly that

i had several picked out…maybe even on another day you will get to see them…but today, i give you a pop icon of my childhood…


the first two are the way i remember her most…casual and fun, back when she used to do mall concerts…(the second one being a song that still makes me cry a little)

the last one i remember less…more “grown up”, dark hair, dressing differently…

and yes, i am aware of how many Beatles songs she redid…but sometimes i can appreciate them in their own sense!





Comments on: "ear candy- all nostalgia all the time" (4)

  1. nope nope can’t listen to it. Don’t traumatize me with memories of bad middle school hair and mall concerts, please.

  2. Didn’t she lay down for a skin rag a few years ago?

  3. i think you may be right!

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