exactly that

insomnia edition…

when the damn WoW servers are doing weekly maintenance and you still can’t sleep…

Belinda really seems to like that wall… 


Comments on: "ear candy- all nostalgia all the time" (6)

  1. I prefer straight up gogo’s to belinda. She’s kinda meh for me. We got the beat or vacation, however, rock my world

  2. I agree with Red Queen that the GoGo’s were better than Belinda!

    But I was so hot for her in the 80’s. When she wore the torn, off shoulder, fleece top. mmmm

    She was Madonna, but you could still take her home to meet Mom.

  3. yeah…i love me the gogo’s …but i liked this song when i was…well let’s say younger…and leave it at that, ok?

  4. OMG- you are such a baby. This song came out when i was in middle school, so you were what- an embryo? A fetus? Still in diapers.

  5. hey i remember watching this on…well it might have been MTV…they used to actually show music videos, right? ;)

  6. Man, I’m fucking old. I was well out of High School when this came out.

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