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i write letters, too

Dear Senator David Vitter, Wendy Wright, and all the Democrats who voted to approve the Vitter Amendment

Fuck you.

No, really.


What you are doing to Native American women is unconscionable and cruel.  Adding this amendment was not only unnecessary, but it shows a complete lack of respect for Native Women, and shows you all for the racist ass hats that you are.

Need I remind you that Native American women are three times as likely as any other minority to become victims of sexual assault and rape?  Should I mention that teen pregnancy is soaring on reservations?  Should I needs tell you that IHS is already lacking in many areas, one of the largest being it’s women’s health services?  That’s right, it is already difficult to get contraceptives through them, and when you do, it is a prescription that most doctors and hospitals wouldn’t prescribe anymore, b/c now they can give women the same thing w/ fewer hormones.  I suppose I should mention that Native women are disproportionately affected by poverty, as well as being victims of violence.  

Native Americans are being turned away from IHS when they need it most due to lack of funding, and yet you are putting more restrictions on them.  I can personally attest to the joke that if you use IHS you can not get sick in June, b/c they are all out of money by then. 

You should sleep well knowing that you have made it nigh impossible that anyone in the future is going to be able to repair this, and that you have damned Native Women to a future of fewer options.

You say you want to protect life, and that you want to improve the lives of Native Women.  I am calling bullshit on this claim.  If you look at one of the main reasons that women give for having an abortion it is b/c they can not afford to have and raise another child.  Preventing them from receiving this service is going to subject more people to more poverty, and probably more violence as well.  Restricting their access is not going to stop abortions, it is only going to make women take more risks, and it will probably kill more of them.  It will make them go elsewhere, where they will get a lower standard of care b/c they can not afford otherwise, or existing delay laws will make them wait until later to have abortions, which can put them more at risk.  I will point to Ms. Wright’s own words as what your real agenda is:

It is crucial to codify this longstanding policy now while we still have a pro-life Administration. 


we’re fighting on key issues like stem cells, abortion, “gay marriage” and pornography 

For you so called “pro lifers” it is all about control.  You want to control our bodies, you want to restrict our rights and our humanity, and you want to restrict our sexual pleasure.  You want a small wad of cells to have more rights than people already born and functioning.

Sen. Vitter, maybe you should look in your own backyard and see if anything is happening that hasn’t already been covered by legislation…try picking up and taking care of your own people.  If you really want to help, try helping the people devastated in your district.  Or try to get laws passed that might actually protect Native women from the actual problems they face, like a lack of law enforcement to help them.

Ms. Wright, if your organization was really concerned about women, maybe you should try helping Native women, or all women for that matter, get access to family planning, and scientifically supported factual sex education, instead of pretending that we are a bunch of delicate idiots who need you to tell us what is best for us.  Keep your fucking fight off of my daughter’s body.

And to all the Dems who voted in favor of this garbage, you have disappointed me the most.  You should know better.  It is your fucking job to stand up to these people and do what is right for the people they would leave behind.  You sold us out.

This is not about helping women or making life better for Native Americans.  Not by a long shot.

Very Truly Yours,

Ouyang Dan

Native American Woman 


A very special thanks to the Alternet Reproductive Justice and Gender newsletter that rocks my inbox every week.  Jill does a kick ass job of editing, and if you aren’t subscribing you should be. 


Comments on: "i write letters, too" (7)

  1. The only name I can currently think of for “senator” vitter would be a slander to decent hardworking bathroom necessities

  2. agreed.

    those things are hard working…they don’t need further insult…


  3. I think douchebag is a perfect nickname for the senator. Also walking colostomy bag, asswipe, smegma brain, and my favorite insult when I was a mean teenage girl-

    screaming bloody fetus from the mouth of satan’s rectum.

    But that would be an insult to both fetii and assholes.

  4. and satan.

    but i am rather fond of “walking colostomy bag”, which has a meaning for me that would require another post, or more booze and face to face chit chat…not sure which…

  5. that sounds like a girlfriends on the couch after several bottles of wine talk. You know, right after I’ve shown you my happy face cesarean scar and the “flames of hell” stretch marks that mark each side of my belly button. (Satan would approve).

  6. that sounds like a “i’ll show you mine if you show me yours”

  7. […] of Native and Aboriginal women who will suffer from violence is something I have written about before.  When I read reports, or go to briefs where I am told that domestic violence is something that […]

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