exactly that

but i am definitely *swooning*.

have i ever mentioned b/f that i really like Katha Pollitt?  like, really adore her writing?

her response to not only the stupid piece by Charlotte Allen but to the Post for actually publishing that dribble is swimming in beauty and snark, both of which i appreciate.  she covers it all…

on the definition of “smart”:

Funny how that definition keeps changing, as women conquer field after field that was supposed to be beyond them. In the 19th century, physicians insisted women couldn’t cope with college: studying would send rushing to their brains the blood that was needed for the womb. Back then, nobody credited women with the superior verbal abilities and memories Allen says scientists now find women to possess.

she calls out the Post on allowing what she calls the last acceptable form of prejudice:

Why did The Post publish this nonsense? I can’t imagine a great newspaper airing comparable trash talk about any other group. “Asians Really Do Just Copy.” “No Wonder Africa’s Such a Mess: It’s Full of Black People!” Misogyny is the last acceptable prejudice, and nowhere more so than in our nation’s clueless and overwhelmingly white-male-controlled media. I can just picture the edit meeting: This time, let’s get a woman to say women are dumb and silly! If readers raise too big a ruckus, Outlook editor John Pomfret can say it was all “tongue in cheek.” Women are dingbats! Get it? Ha. Ha. Ha.

while a good chunk of the blogosphere is arguing about why why why Allen would write such an obvious piece of woman hating garbage, and whether it’s tongue in cheek or not (personally i feel that Jonathan Swift is rolling over somewhere), Pollitt gets to the point.

the Post was irresponsible and showed a lack of judgement in allowing this nonsense to be published.

so add Pollitt to my “girl crush” list…if i hadn’t already mentioned that she belongs there.  i should be so lucky to have her pay such attention (although, probably more positive attention) to something i write someday.

a gal can dream, can’t she? 

h/t to Jeff Fecke at Shakesville

and dude, as if it wasn’t good enough, i was rolling in Grey’s references, another 500 points on the “you rock” scale for Pollitt.


Comments on: "i am not *swooning* for Obama" (6)

  1. if you didn’t cry for denny, i am pretty sure you have no soul…

    in fact, even now, when i watch that episode, and i know it’s coming up, i am all like

    “oh denny! wah!”

  2. Katha Pollitt seriously rules. She’s written sentences that I positively envy.

  3. i have really liked her writing…it makes me wonder where i was living all my life that i only last year learned of her awesomeness…

  4. You were living under a rock in fundy town. They only have one book in fundy town and girls aren’t the writers of it.

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