exactly that

i am still here!  wow!  i was sick!  i had the cold from hell that wouldn’t let go.  it was miserable, and so was i!  i had to reschedule an activity i am doing w/ the Kid’s class and a lunch w/ my aunt and uncle who live on the Windward side of the island.  needless to say i wasn’t doing any posting…

i also had to finish my “Yes Means Yes” submission, but i don’t feel as strongly about it as i would like.  my faithful “editor” told me it was “RAD”, which i loved, but i guess only time will tell.  i have an article i am going to sell in my head and partly on paper…but i didn’t do a lot online while i was “under the weather”…

but never fear, readerland!  i am here, and as i look at my draft queue i see some stuff i was working on, and may finish some of it.  i also have some blogwhoring bouncing around in my head that is itching to get out.

i see that it hasn’t slowed the readership here, so that makes me feel loved!

so stay tuned, readerland! 


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