exactly that

1000 hits!

well…a while ago!

this means i have more than five readers!

so all you out there lurking, it’s time to delurk!

who are you?  where are you?  what brought you to random babble? 

an interesting aside, all the hits i was getting from one area (i pay attention) mysteriously turned to “unknown”, which isn’t as unknown as one might think.  you aren’t as sneaky and clever as you would like to think you are! 

but even better, there are some hits from the far reaches of the known world, so i would like to hear about what brought you here, too! 


Comments on: "1000 hits!" (3)

  1. I’m pretty sure you commented at my site, and I followed you back here. So, what brought you to my site?

    Almost every site I visit on a regular basis is because I found their comments either insightful or entertaining on another site, so I followed them home.


    Glad I found yours.

  2. Well, BSR, i am pretty sure i followed you from elizabitchez, probably about the time we did that pass it on story meme, i visited everyone in that meme, and is how i stumbled upon Phydeaux also…

    i was intrigued by the Monty Python reference, and was hooked by the Buffy board game

    glad i found yours, too!

  3. The Buffy Board game is so freaking cool.

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