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rising costs…

back in january the deficit reduction act went into effect.  while it has a cute name, like other dangerous acts that are all sugar coated, it is a dangerous and extremely biased act meant to control and discriminate.  on the outside, the sugar coated title says that the government is trying to reduce our country’s deficit…but did a little deeper and you will see that the limits the act puts on medicare and medicaid will, and now have, cause birth control prices to sky rocket, particularly on college campuses, probably a place where affordable access is in great demand.  

now it has been nearly six years since i was a college student myself, but i do remember that despite cramming all of my classes into two days a week from sun up to almost midnight just so i could work the other five days more than full time, i had little disposable income after tuition, books, rent, car insurance, and a few other bills.  if at the time i had been forced to choose b/t paying $50 a month for birth control and saving that money for expenses and resorting to condoms, the answer would have been obvious.  

many campuses nationwide foresaw this problem, and stocked their clinics w/ the most popular options to last them several months, but now stocks have been used up, and students are now finding they have to pay sometimes four times as much per month for their birth control.  things that cost as little as $10-$15 a month now are running around $50 a month.  my young cousin found she had to pay an obscene amount for her depo shot at the WMU clinic, which the previous month had been much cheaper.  in a time when an unexpected pregnancy can possibly end your college career, and when for some people abortion is too costly and not easily accessible, birth control is a much needed tool for college success…

i am urging you, even if you are not a student, even if you aren’t a lower income person who needs clinics and PPs to provide affordable birth control options, to check out the birth control watch website for ways that you can get involved to help birth control stay accessible, and to demand that congress attempt to reverse this discrimination.  write your congressman or woman and demand that they protect the rights of women to be able to make reproductive choices by ensuring that everyone who needs it can afford birth control.


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