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honestly…if i hadn’t written this blog on myspace today (and i would have written it here, but i still haven’t figured out the ever tricky ‘how to get youtube videos onto my iweb’ thing) about the video i watched on feministing this morning, i may not have noticed this magazine cover in the grocery store this evening.

weird how things in my life always line up…

my initial gut reaction was “wtf?”  i mean i realize that celebrity plastic surgery isn’t anything new…but i had never HEARD of this girl until that very moment…and now the first thing in my mind about this size 0 (she says so in the article) actress, is her “revenge plastic surgery”


someone was kind enough to scan the entire article onto their site so that i could maybe share it w/ you all.

now…i am NOT going to criticize and make fun of a girl for something she decides about her body…it’s her choice…

what i AM going criticize is the media attention this is getting.  i mean seriously, let’s glamorize going “under the knife”, and plaster it all over magazines in grocery stores, for every young girl, woman, and everyone else to see her smiling about chopping her body up.  it makes my stomach wretch just a little. 


i am ALSO going to criticize her reasons.  not her, honestly, she obviously has enough self esteem issues, but i just want to point out how terrible the things she, and the media said were, b/c i can’t understand how we let it get to this point for our loved ones.


“boys always made fun of me for being so flat”.


i feel sorry for her here…instead of learning to become comfortable w/ herself, or telling the boys who made fun of her to f-off, she instead went from a 32-A to a 32-C.  this isn’t “revenge”, all this does is give people like the “boys” she mentions more fuel.  this makes it seem ok to ridicule a young girl for being “flat”, and make her want to sex herself up for their approval.  let’s be clear: WOMEN ARE NOT DEFINED BY THEIR CUP SIZE!!!

next point.  about her nose: 


“…when i looked down, i could see my nose.  i couldn’t get away from it!  i was so frustrated.” 


uhh huh.  i don’t know about you, but i can also see my nose.  and from these pictures, what is wrong w/ her “old” nose?  the magazine article comments on her new “streamline” nose.  streamline?  is she a car or a plane?  is resistance a huge deal w/ celebrities?  


she said her mother and grandmother told her that they supported her, and were glad they didn’t have to do it.  whatever happened to telling your daughter she is perfect the way she is?  where on this road did seemingly EVERYBODY fail to encourage this young woman to love herself, and respect her body?  i mean shit, she goes on to say “my voice has cleared up too.  it used to be higher, and now it’s more my voice.”  whose voice was it b/f?  somewhere along the line someone failed this girl!  someone never thought to teach her to love her body.  this poor size 0 girl, an actress (though i admittedly have never seen her show) who many would look at and wonder what is not to love, apparently had HORRIBLE pre-conceived notions of what beauty is!  and not a single person in her life tried to help her see it clearly.

it scares me!

she does admit that surgery is really “traumatic” for your body (no, really?).  i guess i can’t understand what would drive a girl to this.  weren’t most of us ridiculed?  and as a role model, which if you are in the public eye like this, you are, shouldn’t you put forward better qualities to mimic than “i hate myself so i got all chopped up to be better”?  who doesn’t wish, at some point, that they could wave a wand and make our least favorite things about ourselves disappear.  i mean it would be AWESOME to have my pre-baby body back, but at some point we have to learn to love ourselves, and find safe ways to fix things that need to be changed (ie, losing a little weight so we don’t bring on serious health risks…), which i don’t think a bigger chest qualifies here, and learn to love and accept the things that really aren’t as bad as we think they are…

i think the quote that scares me the most, at least as a mother, was “it’s funny how common plastic surgery is.  girls are getting it for graduation presents instead of cars.”  ok, first off, i sure as hell didn’t get a car for graduation, but then not everyone has richard and emily gilmore for grandparents!  more importantly, why is this funny?  honestly it scares the hell outta me!  i mean imagine parents saying “here, change whatever bugs you about yourself!  i’ll pay!”  or “chop yourself up if it makes you feel better!  just cut off what you don’t love!”  again, to be clear, i am NOT making fun of her, or belittling her for her choices.  it IS her body afterall…i just wish that more of us, as parents would teach our children to love themselves, for their own sake.

what kind of fucked up message are we sending to our kids when we allow this to happen?  it’s bad enough that the media is constantly telling our children that this is what women are supposed to look like in order be beautiful, but if she (or he, but i don’t hear as much about male plastic surgery) can’t get the support and proper self-esteem instilled in her from her own FAMILY, what hope do we have of ever changing the face of beauty?

one thing is for damned sure.  my daughter won’t be getting a car OR plastic surgery for graduation.  she can work for the former.  she will never have a reason to desire the latter.  i will make sure of that…


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