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why i heart joss

those of you who have been keeping up w/ me are aware of my recent slant toward the political. i recently woke up to some harsh realities, name calling and such, and learned enough to not be offended by words like ‘feminazi’.here i am again…your friendly neighborhood feminazi.


it’s no secret that i consider myself one of joss whedon’s minions. let’s forget the fact that he is the god father of (almost) all things sci-fi and fantasy and cult fun that i hold near and dear to my heart. it is WHY he creates the kind of stuff that he does that makes me admire him so very much.


his recent blog on the fansite whedonesque.com, hit really close to home. check it out for the article he recently wrote about the video of the woman being stoned to death. http://whedonesque.com/comments/13271the video is graphic, and whedon is profound.


he is a self proclaimed feminist. my fellow ‘buffy’ fans can attest as to why. his worlds are filled w/ strong, empowered women, who not only DON’T lay down and die waiting for the prince to come, but they stand up and KICK SOME ASS on their own behalf. Not just supernaturally imbued buffy, who fights the super icky bad guys, undead, and always averts the apocolypse, doing it all in style, but all the shows, comics, movies all show strong, capable women. from fred, who kept herself alive in a hell dimension, hunted as an animal and eventually becoming the head of science and research at wolfram and hart, to zoe on firefly, who by her husband’s own account, could kill him w/ her little finger. cordelia became a higher being who helped wandering angel get back on track, and 90 pound river killed all the reavers and saved the day.


joss has written for wonder woman, and is behind the movie rumored to come out, and even wrote for ‘rosanne’, breaking new ground in television.  joss’ women teach self confidence, values and morals that i think make excellent role models for young girls today, in our disney princess crap filled world. where the best girl’s toy we can think of is friggin barbie, and those little snot nosed too much make-up wearing bratz (why would anyone want to immortalize this term? why do little girls want to be ‘bratz’?) i think kaylee the ship’s mechanic, inara the companion (don’t get me STARTED!!!), or willow the super witch make a wonderful alternative. they don’t sit around waiting for some man to come along and point them in a direction to go. buffy consults w/her watcher, but he digresses to her abilities! these women are equals! they are capable! they are empowered! the whole concept of the slayer, she alone who defends the world from all the evil the undead can throw at us…this concept of the female hero…the girl that no one sees coming! (and they aren’t all white, skinny, pretty girls either, there are all shapes, sizes, colors and creeds!)


so when i am told i am horrible b/c i let my daughter watch buffy (some of angel is a little dark yet, but she loves firefly), i snicker. if it is horrible to show her that women are super heroes, then i am comfortable w/ that. we talk about what she sees, and she gets it, the make believe of tv, but the reality of the things she sees…morals and lessons and standing up for herself. when i call her mommy’s little slayer in training, i mean every word. if my daughter grows up and learns to kick a little ass, i couldn’t be happier.


these women role models are flawed, but that makes them more valuable. they are not just good…they are tormented and conflicted in many ways…and they stumble. but they come back. they fight. they win  .and that is what i want her to learn!  that is what matters…you can fall down…but you can pick yourself back up.


even the bad guys are girls! the best ones! darla, the oldest bad ass vampire of her kind! glory…the GOD! she was so bad ass. and they all have attitude and character and personality! let’s not forget saffron, that little scamp. wow is she cunning.


the point is, that before you turn your nose up or call cps on my ass…think about what i am saying here…read what joss wrote in this blog…THINK about it.  why DON’T we want our girls looking to these women and saying ‘hey, i can be me, i can be tough, i can be anything i want to be!’?


my girl loves to play ninja, pirate, slayer, assassin. she is adventurous and imaginitive. i think she is on her way. i like to think i had a hand in it.


thanx, joss, for giving me the roles models to show her how. thank you for pointing out, what is wrong w/ women.


you are my favorite feminazi!  wear the title proudly!!!


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